Welcome to The FruitBox, a survival server where player freedom is number one priority.
The server has been running since February 2021 and has never had a world reset!
As of December 22, 2022 the world is approximately 237 GB in size!

We allow all vanilla exploits including the nether roof, duplication, breaking bedrock and much more!
While we do not allow hacked clients we want the players to have complete freedom and not have to
worry about being restricted by server administration.

The world on FruitBox is only limited by your imagination.


FruitBox's custom features is what makes us different from other servers.
The majority of our plugins are coded from scratch and are inspired directly from community feedback!

We offer our custom Tribes plugin alongside our Tribal Games (coming soon) events! Create a tribe
and compete against other tribes and earn sponges to upgrade your tribe!

Note that this does not provide any grief protection. The server does not offer any protection against griefers!
So be careful!


On a very regular basis we will host build competitions and map art contests.
Participating in these events will reward you with sponges and if you win you recieve
custom trophy items that can be collected.

Every few months we host major server-wide events which include the
Champions Tour and Red VS Blue events. These scan last two weeks to
a month and have very lucrative rewards!

To see more info on these events view the events page!